Manufacture with Us

In 2016 My Flash Trash opened up it’s manufacturing division in partnership with NFTT group to the industry and the public. With a head office in Hong Kong, our team has been manufacturing high quality costume jewellery for over 10 years with factory operations in Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Thailand.  
‘When I first started My Flash Trash it was enormously difficult to find reliable manufacturers that could deliver high quality, low quantity product that you need as a small business. Having spent years building relations throughout Asia and through various collaborations we have done it felt the time was right to open an office in Hong Kong and help solve the problem.’ - Amber Atherton My Flash Trash founder.    

Amber Atherton with Amy Fong Head of Manufacturing in the Hong Kong Office 

If you’re looking to manufacture high quality jewellery, accessories, small leather goods, bags or phone cases with low minimum order quantities email us today.